I am Meg.
I am a business owner.
I think my Outback is a race car.
I have a dog and a ‘64 Chevy Truck.
I believe everyone deserves the best deal.
I would like to be your photographer.

I love to travel and capture visions of life; capture a
vision of a place, of a day, of a feel, or that random moment
when you are really “you.” With more than 15 years of industry
experience, I would like to introduce my “split personality photography”.
Every angle of a photographic job has something different to show and not
always the same way to be seen. Altering and continually changing styles is
necessary to create a good cache of the job. In this theory you will acquire
many different views of imagery from me, some familiar and some
incomparablyunique. Incorporating digital use of color, black and white,
selective color and creative techniques into all jobs, there is great variation
to the end product. I offer many different finishing options on retouching
and printing surfaces such as giclee’ and watercolor paper.