Erica & Josh | Wedding | June 10, 2017

Erica and Josh had a wonderful summer wedding at Castle Farms in Charlevoix.  The anticipation in Josh’s eyes was visible as Erica stepped out to walk down the aisle.  It was beautiful to watch him light up the closer she got and how the world appeared to melt away as she took his hand.

Abigail | 9 Months | June 4, 2017

I can not believe how big these two are getting!  Abigail has the most intense gaze and the biggest smiles once you get her going.  And Blake!  Seriously, this kid!  I asked him to show me his friends.  So he brought me out Mickey, then Minnie, the another Mickey, and another, and a Michael Jackson Mickey.  Apparently he has many friends.  It makes it easy when you have so many friends, when they all have the same name!

Paula & Chris | Wedding | June 3, 2017

Chris and Paula had a wonderful Leelanau County wedding at the Homestead in Glen Arbor.  We had a glorious first look on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, a spectacular ceremony on top of the mountain overlooking that beach, and a party to beat all parties at Mountain Flowers Lodge.

Grady and James | Brothers | June 1, 2017

Two of my favorite boys are at it again!  Grady turns one this month and big brother James is showing him the ropes on this photos thing.  These guys crack me up every time!  As a kid, what could possibly be better than jumping on Mom and Dad’s bed?  Perhaps eating reward chocolate on Mom’s white comforter!  These are going to be good memories for the boys.  Mom and Dad are building a new house so this is the last month in this home.  I know the next place will be just as amazing for these boys to grow up in.  I can’t wait to see it finished!

Grandma’s Birthday | Family | May 29, 2017

When you have many titles in this world; Mom, Grandma, Great Grandma, your birthday is an amazing and wonderful gift to all those around you.  You get to share not only immeasurable love to those humans you have created, but the generations that have been made after get to know you as well.  I absolutely love families of many generations.  I love that you can see the same eyes, the same smiles, and the same good humor in each family branch set.  With this group, it was that genuine easy nature, quick smile, and open hearts that jumped out at me defining their family as a whole.  And this gorgeous birthday girl started it all!

Steve & Trevor | Wedding | May 28, 2017

Trevor and Steve celebrated their love among their closest family and friends at Castle Farms in Charlevoix, Michigan.  They had a 20’s theme, adorned by highlights of peacocks and pearls.  Everybody came dressed in pearls and fun colorful feather headpieces.  The music was all period appropriate, too.  It was really a great, laid back wedding day for two stellar cool cats!  They love to travel and that amazing cake definitely says it all.  I wish all suitcases looked like that and were filled with cake!

Mary & Tim | Wedding | May 20, 2017

Mary and Tim had a wedding of all seasons at Castle Farms in Charlevoix on this late-May day.  Thank goodness we omitted the snow portion of all seasons!  We began the day with sunshine, progressed to comfortable overcast that lasted through our trip to the beach, and rain showers rounded out the day as we sat for dinner.  Luckily, the rain didn’t stay long and they had a gorgeous evening to spend with their guests.

Abigail & Michael | Wedding | May 12, 2017

These two!  Oh my goodness!  The connection that exists here is visible to anyone near Abigail and Michael!  It was such a pleasure being a part of their big day!  Their wedding party, friends, and family were so gentle and kind.  These days truly make me love what I do even more than normal.

Brea & Joe | Wedding | April 22, 2017

Brea and Joe had a wonderful spring wedding at Castle Farms in Charlevoix.  These two and their crew had the best attitudes and smiles that made this day just beyond fantastic!  We started the day with bride and groom letters to each other that showed the sweetest connection and then a first look with Brea’s dad that gave me a glimpse in to why that connection is so true.  Good families, good people, and big hearts make for more than a perfect wedding day; this combination makes the foundation for a great marriage.

Lisa & Morgan | Wedding | May 21, 2017

What can you say to a red, white, and blue attire themed wedding, highlighted by dress blues on a military man?  And swords.  And dragon’s fire.  Well, YES, of course!  And when the phrase “live long and prosper” is uttered in a wedding ceremony; you know it’s going to be a good day among like-minded people.  The humor with this crowd and the easy-going nature of both Lisa and Morgan, simply made the day wonderful to be a part of.

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