Allison & Alex | Wedding

Let me take a moment to talk about a couple of different things.  Personal vows and wedding hats.  Two of my newest favorite things! 

  • Wedding hats:  I admit, I was on the fence but let me tell you,  I am officially in!  I love the hat idea.  In fact, I think we all need to make a point to wear more hats. 
  • Personal vows: OH MY GOODNESS, why isn’t this standard?  At a wedding, we stand up in front of people and say words but does anybody remember those words? NO.  Personal vows, between only the two of you?  That is something you’ll remember word for word, for a lifetime.  Let’s work on making this a thing!

Oh, and let’s talk about Allison and Alex’s wedding.  Perfect, just perfect.  They said their personal vows and then their public vows at the walled garden in the Botanical Gardens in Traverse City and then walked to a cocktail reception up the hill in the pavilion.  From there we moved back down to a tent on the lawn for dinner and some super-groovy dance time.