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Anderson | Beautiful Boy | September 18, 2016

Anderson is the sweetest, most smiley boy!  He loves his Mom and his Dad and the ceiling fan – I guess I haven’t taken enough time to sit and look at a ceiling fan, it is rather interesting, and Anderson really enjoys watching it.  He is curious.  He is interested in books, and blocks, his stuffed elephant, and the look on his face when he walks with his special cart is positively priceless.  He is a happy little boy.  He just melts my heart.

Anderson has been diagnosed with Hurler Syndrome.  With this syndrome, which has a 1 per 100,000 occurrence, he cannot make a type of enzyme that helps to break down specific sugar molecules throughout his little body; which causes issues with his joints, organs, and a handful of other things.  Right now he wears hearing aids, although he really doesn’t like Daddy putting them in.  He will begin a treatment process soon, that may consist of enzyme replacement and maybe even a bone marrow transplant.  This little guy and his parents have a long road ahead of them.  I so hope that they find the right doctor to make Anderson’s life long, happy, and prosperous!

Just look at that grin!