Oh, brother!!  Yup, four boys!  This wonderful family has not only 4 boys, but two giant beastly babies, too.  I was so impressed with these young men.  They were so appropriately kind, playful, open, easy, generously gentle with the dogs, and respectful with their parents.  My hope just may be restored in the next generation!

What a fun family!  All of these little smiles had so much personality!

These were some BUSY little bodies with BIG personalities!  This crew cracked me up!  We had a fun time on Frankfort Beach.  🙂

This little gal is one speedy critter!  We rode it the wagon, played with rocks, knocked grandma on her butt, pouted for just a minute, then flew high on the swings, splashed in the lake, and even got to touch a baby turtle!


What a fantastic family!  Grandma Sal should be so proud of this group!

There is nothing more memorable than Grandma and Grandpa’s lake house when you are a child.  Mr. Root told me about his longtime dream of having a cabin on their lake property, where the grandkids could all come and enjoy the summer.  This lake house makes a very happy, and fulfilled Grandpa!

Oh my goodness!  This crew knows how to have a good time!  From the youngest to the oldest in this group of 5 kids, their smiles come easy and they are so great together.

It is simply amazing to me to see the big personalities in such little people!  The smallest wanted nothing to do with the dress Mom intended for her.  The next just didn’t want to play.  The oldest was just uncomfortable and didn’t really know what to do with himself.  THEN, we were introduced to “Nature’s Legos” (aka snake grass), tried a family pyramid, and were allowed to toss a sister around  – – tunes changed, smiles came, and maybe (just maybe) the family photo thing wasn’t as painful as expected.

One little guy, one marsupial owl to make the little guy smile, double-trouble twinness, and a whole crowd of good-humored big kids.  Family like this is so great to see!

My little pal Blake is growing so quick!  His favorite thing seems to be his feet right now.  He was far more interested in his own toes than any silly sounds or mommy/daddy voices for most of his photos but we managed to get that cute little mug in at least a few photos!  Next time I get to see him, I’m sure he’ll be up and running – I can’t wait!