My little buddy Blake was back for his first birthday photos.  I am so enjoying watching this little dude grow!  He has such a great personality and is always smiling!  I can’t wait to see what next year brings!

Ethan is one spunky little guy!  Being that his favorite word is NO, it takes a little time to get some smiles out of him.  But when he smiles, you had better be ready because he is likely to be in motion!

My little pal Wyatt is turning ONE!  This little dude was totally fine with the cool fall day we had and just kept on smiling.  His expressions just cracked me up!

Stay tuned for his “flying” adventure next week . . . .

I offered a few free pet sittings the other week and nobody took me up on it!  So my pal Melissa brought her fabulous family out to play.  We were graced with an above-average sunset!

My favorite thing about families with young children is the constant chaos!  It is constant motion and I think it amazingly awesome!  Kids don’t sit still, dogs don’t sit still.  And water?! Forget about it!! Somebody is going in! That is family reality!

He has two girls, she has two boys . . . and the tie-breaker will be A GIRL!  Well . . . I did order a pink sunset for a reason!  Little Echo Nora Luna will be joining us in just a few short months.


Alis tells me that they bought the cottage in 1947.  Since then the family has continued to grow. And grow, and grow, and grow.  This year’s family reunion consisted of 13 branches of the family tree, totaling 73 people.  They have had their large group photo taken on the front steps of the cottage, every three years, since the late 60s.  Just amazing!  And Alis (in her early 90s) is one spunky, happy, and kind, gal!  It was my pleasure to be a part of this giant family madness!

Oh, brother!!  Yup, four boys!  This wonderful family has not only 4 boys, but two giant beastly babies, too.  I was so impressed with these young men.  They were so appropriately kind, playful, open, easy, generously gentle with the dogs, and respectful with their parents.  My hope just may be restored in the next generation!

What a fun family!  All of these little smiles had so much personality!

A few years ago we did photos in this same location.  How is it that the kids can get so big and Kerri and Grover just don’t age?  At. All.  Such a fun family!

This little gal is one speedy critter!  We rode it the wagon, played with rocks, knocked grandma on her butt, pouted for just a minute, then flew high on the swings, splashed in the lake, and even got to touch a baby turtle!