Michelle and Arrvind had their third wedding on a chilly fall day in Southern Michigan.  Yes, their third wedding!  They celebrated their love with a Hindu ceremony, a Catholic ceremony, and then a close friends ceremony under a beautiful old tree at this barn and vineyard venue.


I was presented with a totally new opportunity and it totally freaked me out!!

I’ve been shooting virtual real estate tours with BlueLaVa Media for the last two years and we have branched out to including video introductions for our Realtor clients.  Our partner company, RTV, had a convention in Orlando, Florida and I was asked to teach a class on our new feature.  I have never taught a class and really had no idea how it would go!  So I tucked my complete and total fear of this type of situation way down deep, said yes, and went and taught a class!

I did it.  I didn’t pass out.  I didn’t throw up.  I did it!

I even flew on a plane.  Alone.  Twice.  And took a taxi cab, in a big city, all by myself.  Twice.

That was one solid 36 hours of a whole lot of firsts.  Exhausting!


There is nothing that makes me happier than helping people reach their goals.  Breanne needed some help getting herself set up to take photos for her new Etsy store.  So I gave her some direction on lights and backdrops and dropped in to get her up and working.  Her store will contain beautiful vintage clothes and other cool things from her collection.  Keep an eye out for a great new Etsy store!

Let me know if I can ever help you reach for YOUR dreams!

It was a chilly day when we did Wyatt’s birthday photos on the beach with his mom and dad, so we brought him into a studio setting for a little creative fun.  This little guy has wheels!  And speed!  So of course he needed to fly!  Up, up, and away!


My little buddy Blake was back for his first birthday photos.  I am so enjoying watching this little dude grow!  He has such a great personality and is always smiling!  I can’t wait to see what next year brings!

Keith and Mike have been together for 18 years and finally tied the knot in Vegas a few months ago.  Today, they included their closest family and friends in a second wedding ceremony in Leelanau county.  These great guys and their son, Henry, had a beautiful fall day for a wedding!

It’s always a pleasure shooting the Bras for a Cause benefit with Blue LaVa Media!  These models come up with the best costumes and have such a good time raising money for Breast Cancer awareness.  Good job fellas!  You looked wonderful in your brassieres!

Jaylyn will be graduating from TC West this coming spring.  The family brought his little pal, Charlie, along as the “smile maker”.

Ethan is one spunky little guy!  Being that his favorite word is NO, it takes a little time to get some smiles out of him.  But when he smiles, you had better be ready because he is likely to be in motion!

My little pal Wyatt is turning ONE!  This little dude was totally fine with the cool fall day we had and just kept on smiling.  His expressions just cracked me up!

Stay tuned for his “flying” adventure next week . . . .