The crew at Village Press in Traverse City are redoing their website and including some great ideas for their team’s “about me” profiles.  They are including a series of 3 photos for each person.  They have a proper head shot, a funny face personality shot, and then a prop shot.  The prop shots cracked me up!  These personalities really came to life!  Some of the others were great too, they included hockey sticks, Mountain Dew bottles, books, small children, and bicycle crash helmets.  Quite the diverse group of folks!

We had a great training day with Dan and the crew at Amazing Day Weddings!  The team has four new faces to provide you with a great wedding officiant anywhere in Northern Michigan.

I did a little testing with my new studio things and background that I got for Christmas.  I am really quite pleased with the outcome.  Of course, my best test subjects only work for a handful of treats.  Hopefully, I will have more time this month to do some further experimenting.

The crew at Traverse North Realty had some new group shots done.  If you are in the market for a new home, make sure to give these fine folks a call!

Team REI needed new headshots and a few group sitting options.  We had great ideas for a rooftop sitting with bay and city-scape backgrounds, but the gales of November decided to pay us a visit.  I suppose, though, it is November and there was no snow on the ground so at least we weren’t freezing in our attempts.

Abbie and Jake had their Homecoming photos done ahead of the dance day – these are smart kids!  I so enjoy spending a little time with young people (man, that makes me sound old) who have themselves together.  It give me hope that tomorrow’s leaders really do exist.

We shot pretty Becca’s senior photos at the lighthouse in Cheboygan.  The beach is always my favorite place to be!

This giant group of great folks came together from all over the country to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa.  I love seeing cousins and far-away siblings come together and enjoy each other like they have never had time apart.

My gorgeous friend Michele is pregnant with her second baby.  I asked her to let me take some maternity photos of her this time around, since she didn’t do it with the first baby.  We used a friend’s cherry orchard, in full bloom, on Old Mission peninsula in the evening so I could test out some new equipment.  I am so happy with how beautiful she looks among the evening light on the trees.  I can’t wait to meet this little belly bundle in about a month!

Miss Morgen and her pals had me come out and shoot some photos before they went off to prom.  Oh, how I remember those days . . . I got stood up for three proms so personally I don’t understand the draw, but whatever.  I guess it is a great excuse to dress up.  We don’t have many of those options these days.  I think we should start a Formal Friday trend, where everybody comes out dressed to the nines and there is dancing and shenanigans.  Come to think of it, what do 18 year olds do these days???  Off hand, I can’t think of a single place for big kids to go hang out socially.  The mall?  Gross!  Someone should do something about that.  Aren’t there over 1000 kids that age just from TCAPS?  What DO they do?