For those of you who don’t know me, I have a big soft spot for a man in uniform.  And a man in uniform next to a beautiful woman is a combination that makes me love what I do.  Now, put that man in uniform and pretty lady as amazingly warm and kind humans, that makes me REALLY love what I do!  Sean and Anastasia had a church wedding on one of the only days with snow this November.  So of course, we went and played in the snow!  These two and their group were fantastic!  And I didn’t even get hit by a snowball!

Thank you, Sean and Anastasia, for everything that you do!  It was my pleasure serving you!

Michelle and Arrvind had their third wedding on a chilly fall day in Southern Michigan.  Yes, their third wedding!  They celebrated their love with a Hindu ceremony, a Catholic ceremony, and then a close friends ceremony under a beautiful old tree at this barn and vineyard venue.

Keith and Mike have been together for 18 years and finally tied the knot in Vegas a few months ago.  Today, they included their closest family and friends in a second wedding ceremony in Leelanau county.  These great guys and their son, Henry, had a beautiful fall day for a wedding!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of shooting a friend’s wedding.  Niki and Matt held the wedding and reception on the lawn at his folk’s house.  The morning rain cleared off into a beautiful late summer day!  Niki and Matt’s mom grew all of the flowers for the bouquets and table decor.

And I must say that Addy looked super cute in the little blue dress that I made!!

Tonya and John were married at Boyne Mountain on a beautiful late summer day.  Tonya’s daughter, McKenzie, sang for the ceremony and gave the best speech I’ve heard in years.  This little, tiny, young lady expressed herself so well in front of a very large group of people.  She expressed her appreciation for the way that John loves she and her mother.  It really made me smile that Tonya has raised her daughter to be so well read and appreciative of the people around her.  And to see a “guy’s guy” like John be so proud of the family he has taken as his own, let’s me know that he is a really special man.  This is one lucky family!


Sure, I say it all the time, “if you need something done or made, just ask,” and finally somebody took me up on it!  This Saturday, Niki’s daughter will be wearing this cute little dress that I made!  Niki wanted to incorporate her Mom’s wedding dress into the wedding in some way, so we used fabric from the train as the underlayment to the blue lace top.  I can’t wait to see little Addy wearing this!

Celine and Dan had a beautiful summer’s day for a wedding at The Homestead Resort in Glen Arbor.  Her pale pink dress with white lace trim and ribbon tie, was just lovely.  Dan and his brothers were quite the jokesters amongst themselves, but when it was just the two of them, you could see the adoration that Dan has for Celine.  I love seeing those parts!


Jane and Brad used a friend’s home on Lake Leelanau for their intimate wedding ceremony.  It was a perfect day for it, too!

This lovely couple was shot by Zachariah Smith, one of my senior second shooters.

Flowers by BLOOM floral designs.


Anne and Alex had a wonderful ceremony in the woods at the Art Park at Crystal Mountain in Thompsonville.  Both sets of their parents spoke for the ceremony and gave fantastic advice on how to make marriage work.  It was really a unique, personal addition to the day.  After hearing what the parents had to say, it made perfect sense why these two had such a great connection – – they’ve learned how to love from their parents.  It really made my heart full!


Lindsay and Paul are so wonderful together!  Their families and friends were such a blast too!  We had a gorgeous day around Traverse City!