Grady (and James) | Children | July 7, 2016

You’ve seen my little buddy James as he’s grown over the last few years.  He is kind of my spotlight kid.  As a very little boy he has always had a “thing” about him.  I think it is his eye contact, many children I photograph don’t engage with me the way this kid does.  I will stand tall on the mountain tops and tell you loudly that this speaks to the kind of parents he has.  Michele and Dave always get my vote for outstanding parenting.

James had a very special gift this past month.  He is now a big brother to Grady.  Welcome to the world, Grady!  I am so excited to see these boys grow together!

Soooo . . . . let’s talk about Michele’s new “big girl chair”.  She’s been wanting a new living room set for a while and I was so happy for her when I walked in and saw this fabulous chair and it’s matching accompaniments.  It’s so grown up and refined – no more extra-soft dog-couch (like mine, lol).  It is the best feeling to have a lovely living room to share with family and guests.  But you see, I fear for the life of the new chair, living in the midst of two small boys!  I do, however, wish I could hear the stories that chair will tell in 10 years.  Stories of growing boys and a happy family!