Megan & Mike | Wedding

Megan and Mike had a unique Castle Farms wedding day from the very beginning.  And let me clarify that this day was a Friday the 13th.

We began the day with a solid threat of rain, of which passed and gave us beautiful skies.  We then ran into the completely one-off situation of the drawbridge in Charlevoix getting stuck in the up position, causing the need for Megan to call her guests to re-route them, only to have the bridge return to proper operation after the calls were made.  From there, the day turned around to a flawless ceremony and rewarded us with the most glorious fiery sunset accompanied by a beautiful rainbow against the pink and orange skies.

All in all, it was a fabulous day.  It was absolutely the most wonderful thing to see Megan and Mike laugh at the little hiccups and watch how they just reached for each other and that made any perceived flaw in the day, nonexistent.  Their love is the kind of balancing love that everyone should have in their lives.