Northern Lights

March 17, 2015 – The hype was everywhere! They northern lights were supposed to be better than they have been for years! So I took a nap late in the day and planned to see amazing things in the wee hours of the morning. BUT . . . yes, there were northern lights, but really they were just regular old northern lights, nothing extra spectacular. Only a few fingers shooting here and there and a few shooting stars. The upside was that I got to test out my new Baffin snow boots that I have wanted for years and only splurged on buying at the end of winter this year. The boots did great, in fact in the 20 degree weather, while listening to the young (drunk on St. Patty’s Day) folks down the beach whining about being cold, I was toasty warm. I even had to open my jacket. Good Harbor beach on Lake Michigan was calm and dark. It was a beautiful night.