Sara & Luke | Wedding | September 10, 2016

Some people weep at the idea of rain on their wedding day.  Sara?  At the sight of not just rain, but sideways rain . . .  Well, she listens to my educated-by-NOAH-radar ramblings, grabs an umbrella, and says, “I’ll take the adventure, let’s do this, let’s go to the lighthouse for our first look”.  So we did.  We arrived at the Northport point lighthouse in slight drizzle, and as they walked toward each other, the rain stopped.  And this wouldn’t be the only weather-blessing of the day.

We had a church wedding where the rains returned and I promised the pastor that there would be sun yet.  Of course he didn’t believe me.  But as we finished up family photos, a glorious ray of sun shone through the stained glass, letting us know that my faith was rewarded and it was time to play outside!

We were able to get in about an hour of outside photos at the marina and surrounding areas.  With all intentions of walking the few blocks to reception, Luke and Sara were met with a wall of rain that resembled something out of an epic thriller movie.  Of course I couldn’t let them walk in that and we all scrambled into the Jeep.  I admit, this is rather embarrassing.  I’m in the Jeep for a better part of 30 hours a week.  It is not clean.  In fact, you could knit a sweater with the amount of dog hair and likely buy a nice dinner out with the number of returnable cans on my floor!  I guess that will go on my self-changing list of things to focus on being better at in the future!

We closed out the day under the lovely roof of the Willowbrook Mill event hall, complete with a fire in the fireplace and a family serenade to the bride and groom.  A fabulous day for two fabulous people!