Sarah & Mick | Engagements

Sarah and Mick will be getting married next summer.  They have a beach event in the plans that is sure to be wonderful.  For their engagement photos, we took their best friend, Otis, to some walking trails close to their house.  The trails were beautiful with fall colors and have a little stream that runs along them.  Have you ever tried to keep a Golden Retriever out of any body of water?  It’s impossible.  But a wet dog is still okay – – a wet Golden is a happy Golden!  After our adventures with Otis, we went to some family property and tried something new to me.  Smoke bombs!  These things might be a new favorite!  Sarah picked up a few different kinds for us to try in a variety of colors.  We learned that you should totally buy the expensive ones because they last way longer, sometimes they work great, and sometimes they just turn into a torch.