Maximus | Christmas | December 1, 2017

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Can you believe I almost forgot my little buddy, Maximus? How cute is this guy in his Christmas jammies!!


December 17, 2017 | Mason & Declan | Family

This lovely family and their two handsome boys were so much fun!  These little guys had the best personalities.  I love it when the small humans make my day easy.  Don’t you just want to squeeze those cheeks on that littlest goonie?!


December 8, 2017 | Elise | Family

This beautiful little doll and her family are enjoying her first Christmas this year!  I hope Santa brought her lots of toys to keep that bright smile this big all year long!


December 2, 2017 | Santa!! | Castle Farms

Santa made time to visit Castle Farms to read a story book to some children!  Whatta guy!!

November 25, 2017 | The LaBontes | Family

A certain Grandma I know had one request this year; for all the grandkids to make her Christmas card in the “The Box”.  Everybody froze their butts off since the studio is still at the front end of completion and there is no heat, but there were good chuckles had by all.

The LeMieux Family | Christmas Cards | November 11, 2016

Michele had the greatest ideas (she usually does) for her Christmas cards but we had one minor issue.  James.  You see, sometimes, when you are three, the word NO takes over your entire vocabulary and dictates the actions of the rest of the family; up to the point where you decide it’s not entertaining any more.  As much as the funny-face-antler-posing was a super cute idea, we will just have to settle for 3/4 of the household.  Maybe next year Mich!


Christmas Magic

Do you remember how amazing Christmas felt when you were a child?  The wonder.  The excitement.  The anticipation. My little pal Maximus is still new to the Christmas fun but I’m sure next year he will remember the feeling of getting all of his goodies!

It is one of my favorite times of year.  I admit that as an adult I still have some secret butterflies to see what is under the tree for me!  And I always find it so funny to see what the kid’s favorite gifts are.  This year the big geek-out hit wasn’t the giant box with the basketball hoop, or the video game; the big winners this year were the tin of Star Wars Pez guys and the big fuzzy blanket.  You just never know!

Merry Christmas