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Wilcox/Scholz | Family | August 15, 2016

What a fantastic family!  Bigs and littles, everybody was at the beach with smiles on!

It is days like this that restore my faith in the youth of today.  Of course, the actions of children, does define the greatness of the parents.  I made a mistake this evening, though.  I had the bright idea to have the two sisters kick/splash water at each other.  Inevitably, the older sister got the little sister right in the face!  I went and wiped the water and little sand bits off of her face as she gave me the look of not knowing whether to laugh or cry.  I told her that the summer beach water and sand will help her grow up to be a beautiful lady some day, in hopes that I could stave off the tears for good.  I thought that was the end of it.  But I always forget that little people ears can hear EVERYTHING.  As we walked back up the beach, the older sister asked me, “is that what worked for you?” “What do you mean?” I asked.  “Is beach sand and water what made you beautiful?” she said with a complete and real interest.  It took me off guard.  Firstly, that she was paying attention.  Secondly, that she thought I was serious.  And thirdly, that a little girl, no more than 6, saw my crazy disheveled summer work season self, as beautiful.  It truly brought a smile to my heart!  Good job parents!  You made a very sweet little girl!


Three Little Monkeys | Family | July 24, 2015

These were some BUSY little bodies with BIG personalities!  This crew cracked me up!  We had a fun time on Frankfort Beach.  🙂