Nichole & Andrew | Wedding | February 27, 2016

Andrew and Nichole were married at the Glen Lake Reformed Church in Glen Arbor and then hosted a reception at The Homestead.  We had made great plans about where we were going to go for photos that included the beach, Inspiration Point, the Narrows, and a few other local gems, BUT a few weeks before the wedding, Nichole broke her ankle.  I was so incredibly bummed out for her, knowing that we would have to tone back our plans quite a bit.  But it all worked out just fine!  We chose the marina on Crystal River and just made use of the parking lot at the church.  We had lovely weather for a Michigan February so that made getting around much easier than I had expected.  And with the amazing positive attitude that this woman has (as well as a supportive man with the patience of a saint) , we still made it to the beach!

Stay tuned for an “I can walk again” shoot some time after the next 6-8 weeks!