2030 Came Early | She Said Yes!

2030?  Yeah, that’s what Braden had to say to Ally about getting married.  But on this day, the universe shifted and 2030 came early.  The whole family was in on this one.  The parents, the siblings, and Braden all came up with the idea of going wine tasting together.  I was supposed to come up with some sort of ruse to get them all to come with me for photos.  And yes, it worked.  I positioned them all by the vines and Ally was handed a little note that simply said “It’s 2030 . . . love you”.  She got confused and gave the card to her mom.  At that moment, family moved aside and he got down on one knee and presented a beautiful oval cut ring to Ally.  Then came the smiles and hugs and a very happy lady.