All The Love of Your Best Day!

Looking back on wedding photographs will help you truly remember the magic that you felt, the tingle of excitement as the most important people in your life all gathered together to honor a love that will last forever. Wedding photography can make the most extraordinary difference in your ability to relive the experiences of your wedding day. Experiences which you may need to remember during tough times, during the trials that you will inevitably face in your lasting union. I provide custom wedding services for the bride and groom who are looking for something more artistic, more natural, and more original than standard, traditional wedding photography. My job as a wedding photographer is to capture and preserve the essence of the moment, the spirit of the event, the emotion behind the smiles, and in the end it will be your wedding photographs that will forever remind you of just how special that day was. I believe wedding photographs should be both beautiful, document the way your wedding day looked, and more importantly, portray the real feeling of the wedding day.

It is very important to go into your wedding having planned the day with more than just a visual board, but with as much information as you can come by. This is a once in a lifetime experience and there are many little things that you may not know to ask, do, or feel. I will be real and honest with you. I will help you as much as I can along the way, as well as on the wedding day. A solid timeline, shot list, family requests list, and creative ideas are all things that we will discuss at length ahead of time.

The little things are some of the things you should spend the most time on. The details at the tables in the reception room, up-lighting, decor at the ceremony location, personal tokens in your bouquet, special cuff links for the men, and even little signs for the ring bearer or other small people to carry, can make the difference of an event or a spectacular event. Think of visual elements at your ceremony and reception locations and expand on them to tie in the feel of the environment to the feel of the event. Handmade wood centerpieces, a custom arbor, unique name plates, and signature drinks can all be created to mirror the location’s overall feel.

We all know the basic things that every engaged couple talks about before the wedding, like finance, color schemes, seating arrangements, the dress, the rings, the honeymoon, likes and dislikes, etc., but have you talked about how you will behave together on the wedding day? You probably don’t need to be persuaded to get close to your fiancé, but you should still plan and discuss ahead about including a few affectionate close-up pictures. For some it just comes natural, while for others it is a tall request and may take a little persuading and practice. It is always better to know each others’ point of view on this topic before you jump into your day, and a good idea to share any concerns regarding this with me. Some people have a hard time getting touchy in public for their wedding photos. While this is totally acceptable, if it is not communicated before hand to your photographer, things can get awkward fast. Socially, we are made to think that touchy-kissy is expected on your wedding day. But don’t be concerned, if it’s you, that’s great, if not, that is fine too.

Paxton Photography is a proud supporter of marriage equality. I’m very happy to offer service to everyone celebrating love and everyone who wants their big day documented! All weddings come with a great deal of pressure, but same-sex ceremonies often have an entire separate set of emotions that happen. I understand that this is more than just a wedding day; this is a celebration that most thought never could happen. I am also aware that many same-sex weddings don’t always adhere to traditional wedding outlines and I am open to any way you would like to honor your love.
So if you are looking for a same-sex, gay & lesbian wedding photographer give me a call!

While I only offer still photography (and weird little animated GIFs on occasion), I get asked about video all the time. Personally, I would choose to hire a videographer as well as a still photographer. There are many reasons to add videography on to your wedding day. At your ten year anniversary, going back to watch and hear the vows that your spouse spoke, with all of the hope and faith of years past, you will be able to remember all of the love you felt that day. You’ll be able to see the tears fall, the shake in a hand, the hesitant first step into the courtyard, the nervous twitch of your fiancé’s smile, and hear Grandma’s long gone famous laugh. Without dissuading you from standard photography, which is an absolute necessity, I urge you to seek a professional videographer that has a proven history in weddings. There are some suggestions on the resources page if you need help.