If you are anything like me, your four-legged, furry beasts are just as much your children as the two-legged type. And if you are even more like me; don’t, won’t, can’t, haven’t gotten around to having human children, or for whatever the reason you only have furry babies, they are your LIFE. Our animals bring us joy on a daily basis that is never ending and love that is never wavering. Dogs, cats, creatures small or large, hold a place in our hearts that lasts a lifetime. Having professional images created of them is not only fun but makes for great photos to adorn our desks, wallets, and walls.

Pet sessions can be done on location or in the studio depending on the size of your pet. Both on location and studio sessions can be done anywhere, in all seasons. We will discuss the personality of your pet and what will be most comfortable for them. We can do a more stylized shoot if you choose the studio, including furniture and select backgrounds. Feel free to include any people-babies or yourself in the session. On location sessions can allow them to be happy in nature or just on the couch. Letting them just be themselves will produce a wonderful image set of real life.

My favorite part of having a pet is the baby stage. Just like human babies, pets grow so fast. They change every day. Their snouts grow longer and their fur changes color. I made sure to photograph both of my new puppies as soon as they came home. I made sure to capture the innocent big eyes at 7 weeks, the goofy antics at 4 months, and the youthful beauty at a year. I typically shoot the first sessions in the studio or at your home, to create a calm, specific location to try and get them to sit still. As with human babies, there is only so much that we can expect from them and we need to remember to not get discouraged if things take longer than you’d expect. After they are old enough to go in public, we can do sessions anywhere you’d like.

The unfortunate and inevitable part of having a pet is that their last days come far too soon. I had this experience a year ago. My dog Bear was 16-years old and I knew it was time to let him go. He had been with me through my whole adult life; through marriage, divorce, new homes, and all the highs and lows along the way. I have many photographs of him, but nothing that really spoke to the GIANT, ROYAL, NAUGHTY, dog that he was. I have the images in my head, of feathers sticking out of his mouth as I walked in on him eating my new down comforter (a really expensive thing when I made $6 an hour), of the paper and tape stuck to his foot when he ate the sparkly smiley face wrapping paper and the gift inside, of the grin on his face when I found all 90 pounds of him standing ON the kitchen counter eating my Christmas spread. I say this laughing because all of that poor behavior created the patient person I am today.

While I couldn’t go back and photograph him as a puppy, I could take photos of our last time together and document his happy moments when he was so old. I felt that a photographic session of his last day, just he and I eating cheeseburgers and ice cream, taking naps, and going for a car ride to say goodbye to grandma was wonderfully therapeutic.  Yes, I will cry with you, if you choose to allow me into your family’s grief for just that last day.  But I can follow you and your pet, document the day, and give you the same lasting photographic memories to hold on to.

Standard Sitting Fee: $150  //  Baby Sitting Fee: $100  //  Last Day Memory Series Fee: $100

Sitting Fee Includes:

  • Location of choice within 60 miles of Traverse City
  • Master Disk with Printing Rights Released
  • 10 5×7 (or equivalent) prints
  • Online proofing viewable for 60 days