Show Your Beauty for the Life to Come

Motherhood is a unique and beautiful gift that should be celebrated and cherished.  A maternity session is less about the state of the body and more about capturing memories of a special time in a family’s life.  Add in Daddy, bring the dog, bring the siblings and all of their wonder of “what’s in there?”  As much as you may not FEEL as beautiful as you look, these images matter. They do. If you approach them as something to hold on to for the future, you’ll do better, you will feel more comfortable and connected, and those factors will always lead to more flattering images overall.  You can choose to have your session outdoors, in the studio, or in your own home.

The best time to schedule your pregnancy session is around 30-34 weeks, depending on how you carry, when the tummy is nice and round. It is best to schedule at least 1-2 weeks in advance. I always leave room for the expected Mama and new arrivals, so if you near the end of your term and need a session, just call so I will get you in!

Bring anything you feel comfortable wearing, research online to decide what is most fitting for your overall image goals.  If you’d like a more nude sitting, we can do that.  If you’d like to stay a little more modest, we can do that too.  If you will be bringing any family with you, try to be conscious of what they will be wearing also.  For the family we suggest solid and simple clothing. We want them to be very comfortable as well. Little boys should be similar to Dad and both are welcome to bring light and dark shirts. Light patterns or textures are fine. For little girls, stay in the same color palate as the rest of the group.  Try not to overdo the style; tutus, bright colors, and big headbands can take away from the subject at hand.

Think about doing your maternity session in time to have a guest book made for the baby shower with your images and pregnancy information lining the pages.  If interested in this option, you will need to prepare ahead of time so I can be sure to have plenty of printing time.

Love the belly, love the baby, love the excitement to come!

$250 Sitting Fee Includes:

  • Location of choice within 30 miles of Traverse City
  • 50 item proof set in a bound softcover magazine
  • 10 5×7 (or equivalent) prints
  • Online proofing viewable for 45 days

About an hour at your environmental location of choice. Your family, small or large, can order their own prints, cards or book through the online proofing system. Creative treatments, black and white, and selective color options are available for all images.