Family Photos

Of all the memories we hold on to, the ones we never forget, are those of our family.  While the regular family portrait is always good enough, why not get creative and try something out of the ordinary?  Using props, the ever-useful Photoshop, creative timing, or just a fabulously dynamic location will add that “something” to any family portrait.  There are no rules that say you can’t have something that speaks more about you than the standard shots.  As well, there is nothing standing in the way of being traditional, either.

Personally, I prefer a mixture of traditional and creative.  If you have a family with small children, you know how they can be.  Some times asking them to behave like big kids for any length of time, will just not happen and you may have to reevaluate the idea you hold of a “family portrait”.  This does not mean it can’t be done.  It just means we need to be patient and make a solid plan on what the end goal is that we want to capture