Headshots & Business Portraiture

Creating a cohesive personal brand across all media platforms is invaluable.  What does your online and print presence say about you?  Are people confusing someone else for you?  Take your reputation into your own hands, rather than leaving it up to chance.  Your online presence is one of your most valuable assets; take control of it.  Give your customers a face to the name, using high-quality head shots, to strengthen your brand.

Your profile picture is often the first impression potential clients get of you, so you want make sure it is the right impression.  Professional business portraits will make you look polished and reputable in addition to establishing your identity  They can be used across a variety of platforms, establishing a brand that people will be familiar with and trust.  You should make sure people are seeing the correct profile of you and your company by putting a link to your online profiles directly on your business cards or website and your social media profiles.