Engagement Photos

Engagement photos are useful for many purposes other than just documenting your upcoming nuptials.  You may choose to submit a shot to your local paper with your engagement announcement, use them creatively in your wedding day decor, post them on your wedding website, or give them as framed gifts to your families.  You can think about adding props to your engagement photos that reflect your interests and style.  Set up a picnic in the park, ride your bikes, hang a handcrafted banner, or include your pet.  Images for save-the-date mailings really personalize the event to come.  Adding printed props including the date and location in your save the date images makes for a super-easy way to communicate the necessary information to your guests while offering a clean and simple one-image layout for the print products you may choose to send out.  Or, if you’d like to get creative on this, we can plan out multiple images in a set for an artistically designed end product, making sure to incorporate any wedding colors, textures, or patterns.