Show Off, Be Creative, Love Big!

Photographs are for the rest of our lives, not just today. There’s the joy in the future, when your memories have dimmed and you are able to see these times again. And there’s something magical about being able to literally show your memories to someone new. Foreseeing the future in your mind’s eye, you may have daydreams of a full family, children, and a long line of friends and people in your lives. Wouldn’t it be great to show off the beginning of your love? Show the place, the time, the color, and the style of when you first fell in love or even if you’ve been together for years, and are finally tying the knot. Photography has come a long way since our grandparents’ day, and even our parents’ day, and we are able to collect all of the images of our lives to show and love later in life.

Engagement photos are useful for many purposes other than just documenting your upcoming nuptials. You may choose to submit a shot to your local paper with your engagement announcement, use them creatively in your wedding day decor, post them on your wedding website, or give them as framed gifts to your families. You can think about adding props to your engagement photos that reflect your interests and style. Set up a picnic in the park, ride your bikes, hang a handcrafted banner, or include your pet. Images for save-the-date mailings really personalize the event to come. Adding printed props including the date and location in your save the date images makes for a super-easy way to communicate the necessary information to your guests while offering a clean and simple one-image layout for the print products you choose to send out. Or if you’d like to get creative on this, we can plan out multiple images in a set for an artistically designed end product, making sure to incorporate any wedding colors, textures, or patterns.

Whether you’re crafty, outdoorsy, minimalist, or geeky, your engagement photos should be a reflection of who the two of you are as a couple. You should choose a meaningful backdrop location for your photos that is significant to the two of you. There are so many locations around this beautiful area that are delightful to use. Vineyards, rolling sandy beaches, rustic barns, fabulous old industrial buildings, all make for stunning backdrops and create interest in your photos.

The trick isn’t always just having the right photographer or great lighting, a lot of it is what you and your partner are wearing. That’s because what you wear is likely going to dictate how comfortable you are moving around, or how you and your fiancé look together. If you’re thinking about an active and playful outdoors shoot, let your clothes speak to that same easy vibe. If you’ll be lifted or carried, think about coverage. You don’t want to be wearing a mini-dress when he’s scooping you up. You do want to feel like “you,” if jeans and boots are more your thing, don’t be afraid to stick to what works. While you don’t want to look like twins, you do want the photo to feel even, and it will be even easier to find light that flatters you both if you’re dressing in the same color family. If one of you chooses neutrals, the other can choose something that pops a little more, either with color or style. Feel free to get creative and bring a few clothing options that can be easily changed as we visit different locations.

You probably don’t need to be persuaded to get close to your fiancé, but you should still plan and discuss ahead about including a few affectionate close-up pictures. For some of us it just comes natural, while for others it is a tall request and may take a little persuading and practice. This will be true for your wedding day, too. Practicing a little “public display of affection” can be fun. If you need to work on your PDA, this is a great time to let go and enjoy yourselves with only me and total strangers seeing you. When the wedding day comes, emotions will run high as all sorts of different people from your lives come together. It may feel awkward to be squeezing and smooching on your spouse, with your boss (whom you fear), your sister (that is jealous because she is still totally single), your best friend’s husband (that you find creepy), your grandma (well, who is just grandma and you couldn’t believe she was every young enough to fool around), and your father’s best Navy pal (whom you’ve never met but had to be invited because Dad is paying) looking on. Trust me, even to the most touchy-feely couple, this can be totally weird! So, figure it out together. Figure out how to be comfortable in public to a point where all else falls away and only the two of you remain.

$250 Sitting Fee Includes:

  • Location of choice within 60 miles of Traverse City
  • Unlimited proof set in a bound softcover magazine
  • 10 5×7 (or equivalent) prints
  • Online proofing viewable for 60 days

About an hour at your environmental location of choice. Your family, small or large, can order their own prints, cards or book through the online proofing system. Creative treatments, black and white, selective color options are available for all images.