Children's Portraits

The Learning Years

No matter the cultural background or the economic situation, kids will always find imaginative ways to have fun. Their wild imaginations and magical childhood moments, when captured on camera, can make for truly wonderful photos. Childhood lasts for what seems like forever when we are small, but seems so fleeting as an adult. The changes in attitude, vocabulary, mobility, interest, and moreover their size, facial features, and their apparent need for getting dirty and breaking things all happen in the blink of an eye. I believe it is very important to capture as much of the little things as we can, before the next new thing comes and we forget. Scheduling your child’s photos around their schedule and interests will create unforgettable images that last a lifetime.

Using props, the ever-useful Photoshop, creative timing, or just a fabulously dynamic location will add a personal touch to any child’s photos. Choosing a location at the beach, a farm, a pumpkin patch, park, or a garden will help their little brains forget about what we are really doing and open up the opportunity for true smiles and a good time. Bringing their favorite toy, bubbles, or other things to play with will help your child relax with me and ultimately produce a better image set. There are no rules that say you can’t have something that speaks more about them than the standard shots.  As well, there is nothing standing in the way of being traditional, either.

With smaller children, as with the little-bit olders, you know how they can be.  Sometimes asking them to “sit pretty” for any length of time will just not happen.  This does not mean it can’t be done.  It just means we need to plan ahead and orchestrate a play time that will give you what you are looking for. Above all else, YOU need to relax. Don’t expect them to perform flawlessly. I will do the best I can to bring out good smiles and fun attitudes with my own unique dorky-fun self. There is really no timeline and sometimes we just need to wait it out. Trust is a big thing with children and they need to spend some time with me to understand that they can give me what we are asking for and have some fun doing so.

Deciding what your child should wear for their portraits can be challenging. Think about where you plan to display your photos.  If on the wall, decide on a tone that is complimentary to the room in which it will be hung.  Neutrals are nice if you redecorate often.  Patterns should be kept to a minimum and characters or words should be left in books.  Also, remember to consider the background and location for color and pattern.  Don’t go overboard.  Think classic and simple that will help give the portraits a timeless feel. Costumes are nice for a few photos but lets not go nuts with tutus and lace for every photo. Hats can add a little dimension to the photo and give them something to do with their hands. Don’t forget their blankie or best stuffed pal!

$200 Sitting Fee Includes:

  • Location of choice within 60 miles of Traverse City
  • unlimited proof set in a bound softcover magazine
  • 10 5×7 (or equivalent) prints
  • Online proofing viewable for 60 days

This package includes about an hour at the location of your choice. Your family, small or large, can order their own prints, cards or book through the online proofing system. Creative treatments, black and white, and selective color options are available for all images.  This price is for up to 4 children in a sitting.