Baby’s First Year

The first year of life marks many changes in a baby’s life and goes by so quickly.  The long lashes and sparkle in their eyes, the movement of their mouth and the funny faces, the wiggle of the toes and the dimples on their bottoms; are all are parts that we never want to let go of.  Those precious moments should be preserved for years to come.  There are a few times in that first year that you should schedule your photo sessions.  Within the first 15 days, at three months, at six months, and at the first birthday.  Each of these times document the unique stages that your baby will be at. Typically, for the first session, we try to capture the naturally sleepy baby and sometimes have to wait to get what we want.  The third month session is where we will start to see some real smiles, more bright eyes, and fun giggles.  The sixth month session will show some go-go-go as those fantastic smiles have gotten bigger and have now turned to scoots, rolls, and crawls.  The one year mark is where we will do a smash cake and see some real personality.  Depending on your style and what you are looking for as an end product, any of the sessions can be done fully in the studio or outdoors.