At the Pond | Family

I drove down state to spend some time with one of my favorite families.    Brooks is getting so big and so incredibly hilarious.  Carl and Willow are still the goodest of good dogs.  And I got to experience the beauty that is Nana and Papa’s house.  That pond in the backyard is everything! The life that Brooks will get to have as a young boy spending time there will be something truly wonderful. 

I have to say how much I love the minds of small children.  We went and explored a bit with Brooks. We gave him a cattail, and let me tell you, those things are actually weapons.  Ask Dad, it went straight into his eyeball.  So we switched to something less hurtful . . . we found a wooly caterpillar.  Now, you’d think that just petting the little critter would be enough, nope, Brooks needed to taste it.  Yes, you heard that right, he tasted the caterpillar.  I nearly died laughing.  Poor thing, must have scared the wooly pants right off of it!