Autumn & Devlin | Wedding

Western Boots, Blue Jeans, and a Beautiful Girl.  Autumn and Devlin are my country song for the year.  Their day was a rollercoaster of awesome, with rain giving way to stunning fall skies, all the emotion, and two people beautifully in love.  This was one of those jobs that I wanted to really knock out of the park for the clients because of who they were.  See, when you become my people, I have a sense of loyalty to you and your family that is life long. 

Here’s the story:  a decade ago I was in a place of rebuilding my life from the ground up.  All I could afford for a home was a broke down old shack that needed every inch repaired and updated.  That’s where I met Autumn’s parents.  In the place that I was, I had to do most things myself but didn’t have the skill for countertops and hired Ron and Karen for the job.  I spent outside of my budget for the most beautiful counters.  And despite the look of the outside of the house (seriously, really rough), their family business gave me respect and understanding and grace, without judgement.  They even made sure to make me an extra cutting board that the guys pointed out had a heart in it – – so simple, yet so important to the place I was in at the time.  This one little bit of extra kindness impacted my life.  It changed how I deal with people in business. 

So when Autumn contacted me for her wedding, I couldn’t have been happier.  It was a joy to see that Ron and Karen had raised a daughter with the same giving and open soul as the two of them have.  Autumn is the image of gorgeous sunshine through clouds; exactly as her wedding day was.  And Devlin . . . this guy is a friend before you even speak to him, making these two just a powerhouse of good stuff.