Caren & David | Elopement

Have you ever seen a more beautiful view?  Our home offers the most spectacular places to get married! 

My friend Caren, chose a Monday to secretly marry her best friend, David, on an anniversary to their first date, in the same place they first went together, with the friend who made this match, performing the duties of officiant.  She kept this little escapade a secret from all of you.  Sorry, I’d known for months!  It was one of my greatest honors to be a part of her day.  Even me, a 20 year veteran of the wedding trades, had to hide my teary eyes.  I love, love and I love a friend’s love even more!  There is not a better matched pair than these two! 

I love you Caren and couldn’t be happier for you and Dave.  May every day remind you of an old man in green 70’s short shorts, handing you the most perfect Petoskey stone for your first wedding gift!