Aubrey | High School Senior | October 6, 2017

This fun young lady opted to have her horse join her for her high school senior photos.  I really do love when the kids include things (or beasts) that make them happy.

The Silers | Family | September 27, 2017

The Silers are a wonderfully fun little family.  And when your son’s girlfriend buys Mom a family sitting, she’s a keeper!

Nick | High School Senior | September 24, 2017

Sometimes I really get a kick out of the seniors coming up these days.  This one is equal parts his mother and his father; of whom I remember from high school myself.  It’s funny how depending on which way Nick’s smile is going, I can see each and both of his parents.  I too, am one that will never escape strangers knowing who I am due to family similarities, so we are all among good company.

Hallie | High School Senior | September 24, 2017

Hallie will be graduating high school this year and going off into the land of adultness.  I have high hopes that she will have a wonderful future ahead of her!

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Baille | High School Senior | September 4, 2017

What’s better than a pretty young lady, a beach, a killer sunset, oh, and a horse?  How about . . . not one thing!  This sitting was so much fun!  I could have stayed for hours longer but when the sun is gone, it’s gone.  Baille was joined by her Mom (a.k.a. the horse wrangler) and her Grandma and Grandpa (a.k.a. the horse chauffeur) for her senior photos at beautiful Empire beach.  Did you know you can ride a horse on the beach in Empire?  Me neither.  But we asked the local people in charge and it is a thing.


Zach (and family) | High School Senior | September 2, 2017

Zach will be graduating high school this year.  He was joined by his Mom and sisters for a quick spin around the state hospital before the rain came in.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen these kids and can’t believe how beautiful and grown up they are!  It does make me happy to see that they are still the wonderful, good-humored children I knew a few years ago.  I am so thrilled to continue keeping an eye on them as they grow into adults.  I know Mom and the rest of their family has done an outstanding job on making them who they are!


Ivy | High School Senior | August 28, 2017

This kid!  SOMEHOW, seemingly overnight; she has gone from the toddler with crooked butt cheeks that made her diaper ride sideways, to a beautiful young lady.  She is sweet, even-minded, kind, and has a funny little humor.  She reads too many books and enjoys outdoor time hiking and camping.  I am so privileged and proud that she calls me Auntie!

Savannah | High School Senior | August 19, 2017

This lovely young lady will be graduating high school this coming year.  We had a fun evening cruising the county to a few great locations.  And this sunset!  Evenings like this remind me why I love to call this place home!

Maggie | High School Senior | August 14, 2017

Man!  I wish I could have been this cool when I was graduating high school!  Like, cool as a cucumber cool.  With swagger.  Plays guitar, sails boats, runs cross country, a total rocker chick with a desire to be an astrophysicist (I had to spell check that by the way).  Oh, and just an easy person to hang out with for a few hours.  Go far in this world, sista, dream big and go far!

Kaylee | High School Senior | August 14, 2017

Kaylee will be graduating high school this coming year.  We had a fun day wandering around the Elk Rapids area.  Those sunflowers were beyond compare!  Here is another young lady that gives me hope for our future with her happy personality and quick smile!