Stacey and her family will be welcoming a second boy into the world in just a few weeks!  Big brother, Charlie, I’m certain will be a great big brother!  This kid cracks me up, I can’t wait to see what number two brings along!

These two wonderful people will soon have new titles.  Mom and Dad will be added to their description as humans in a handful of short weeks.  That is super exciting!  This little mama wanted to do her photos in the snow, since it is the middle of winter and all, but our scheduled day ended up being warm and snowless.  Gotta love Michigan weather.  So, the next week we actually got snow back and did a “take two”.

Natalia and Les are expecting twins this February.  They are getting the whole package in one go – they will be having a boy and a girl!  I am so excited to watch this family double in size!  And I think Daizi is going to be the sweetest guard dog ever!

My gorgeous friend Michele is pregnant with her second baby.  I asked her to let me take some maternity photos of her this time around, since she didn’t do it with the first baby.  We used a friend’s cherry orchard, in full bloom, on Old Mission peninsula in the evening so I could test out some new equipment.  I am so happy with how beautiful she looks among the evening light on the trees.  I can’t wait to meet this little belly bundle in about a month!

He has two girls, she has two boys . . . and the tie-breaker will be A GIRL!  Well . . . I did order a pink sunset for a reason!  Little Echo Nora Luna will be joining us in just a few short months.