Collaborative Styled Shoot | Winter

You know I’m a big fan of winter.  And dogs.  And handsome people.  And funny things.  Right?  And you know good and bad always combine to make the most beautiful things.  This full day collaboration event was something I had not done before and it was challenging and rewarding at the same time.  In order for me to talk about the most amazing parts, I’ll have to tell you about the not-so-good parts, too.  I’ll do my best to keep that to a minimum though!

My second shooter, Tiffany, who also runs Highland Street Photography, asked if I would participate in a styled-type shoot with her friend Ashley, who does wedding up-do hair.  After debating on it, I signed on and we came up with places, people, animals, and things.  It was kind of getting exciting as all things began to work together.  Until the day before the event.  In fact, 14 hours before the event.  That is when the dress shop who was participating, backed out.  6:45 on a Saturday night via email.  And that’s when things got crazy! 

How was I supposed to find bridal gowns for 4 models after hours on a Saturday night?  How was I going to make this work?  What if we let down the amazing and generous florist who had already delivered flowers?  What if all the stress of planning this thing was for nothing?

Here’s where it gets good! It’s 8:30pm and I’d driven through 3 counties to pick up borrowed things from friends and family and I decided to stop at JoAnn Fabric so I could make a few wedding veil options.  I was telling the gal at the counter about the predicament and the lady next to me chimes in that she makes wedding head pieces – – – enter the lovely Katherine Edahl from Northport.  At this same time, I got a chime in from a Facebook post I’d sent out for bridal gowns from the ever amazing Julie from Small Wonders, a second-time-around store down by Chum’s that also has a full line of wedding gowns.  Just when I thought all was lost, the power of social media and chance came to the rescue! 

So after all that, I was actually able to sleep before 2am and able to get up and at ’em early the next morning for a super fun day!

So, yeah, this is what a second hand wedding gown looks like.  Are you surprised?  I sure was!  When I arrived at Julie’s shop to see HUNDREDS of dress options, I was super surprised!  I’m not saying a second had gown is for everybody, nor would I ever say that you must buy new, but either way you go you should check your options.  Because this dress that Savannah wore was perfect.  The detail, the color tone, the flow, the way it matched Granny’s old fur coat AND Simba the dog!  Seriously, what are the chances?!?!  Keep your options open, go give Julie a shout and see what she has for you.

And speaking of Simba, just check out this handsome guy!  Victoria’s Floral Design made him his very own florals that he wore with great pride.  Ok, he sat like a good boy in hopes somebody would take the thing off his neck.  But he wore it!

Sometimes I see things that just need to be.  Victoria brought us the prettiest little lantern!  I had to play with just a little bit of fantasy here.  Why not, we are just playing pretend anyhow!?!

And let’s add one more perfectly matching piece to this puzzle.  That jewelry, made by L.Saile Designer Jewelry out of Cedar (also know as my Mother) matched all of this like it was meant to be!

And then came the horses.   And more pretty girls.  And more lovely greenery adorning those horses.  How cool are those greenery drapes for the horses!

These two were so fun to work with!  They were total troopers in the 4 degree weather!  I’d done Savannah’s senior photos two years ago and knew she would be just perfect for this.  Jacob is one of my guys from Lowes, where I am a regular for all of my random building projects (and there are many).  I’m so glad that both of them had some faith in me and agreed to try something new and come out for a random fun day, playing in the cold!

Natividad did such a lovely job on the makeup!  Savannah looks even more flawless than normal.  Again, all the tones went just perfectly with the entire ensemble. 

This is one of the veil-type-things I made for the day.  I knew Victoria was going to be providing some flowered hair pieces, which were beyond lovely, but I wanted to add just a little bit more to things.  I just love how the look turned out in combination with Ashley’s hair style.

Here is one of the absolutely INCREDIBLE head pieces that Katherine brought for the day.  I mean, seriously, how perfectly unique is this!?!  And for a snowy wedding, I thought it was just stunning.  As I’ve said before . . . BRING BACK HATS!  BRING BACK FEATHERS!  BRING BACK TEXTURE!

We had big epic-sunset plans for our last location but in true Northern Michigan style, the weather turned even more angry and the sun fell early.  Such is late January in the North.  The snow came in thick and the winds picked up to an unbearable speed as the last bit of light slipped away.