Dana & Henry | Wedding

Dana and Henry had a wonderful wedding day at the Starry Night Barn in Suttons Bay.  Despite the looming chance of rain in the early part of the day, these two and their wedding party had simply the best attitudes!  There was much laughter, they played games in the yard, and danced the night away.

Soul Fulfilling Creative Things

Some times I find true inspiration.  As I am often thoroughly inundated by projects and tasks (mostly by my own doing) I rarely have time to follow my creative thoughts, but sometimes I am able to see an idea to an end.  This project is one such idea.  The barn at Starry Night Barn and Studio was a striking inspiration to me.  It NEEDED to be set in stars.  I thought it, I dreamed it, I did it.  I am so pleased with the results.  I really need to do more of these soul-filling inspired projects!