Goodby Tucker | You are Loved

To be loved is something we all aspire to. For a dog that came from a bad situation in Miami, to a Northern Michigan rescue, love was all he was looking for. He was mild mannered and just needed the right family. My Sister, Mom, and Niece took him and showed him what real love was.
The patience you need to give a rescue animal is something completely unique. There is no pushing it, there is only letting things happen on it’s own time. There is a ton of learning on both the dog and the people side. It’s learning to put your shoes away . . . always. And your purse. And things on the counter. It’s learning their entire language, even when it’s only eye contact. It’s feeling them lean into you for the first time to tell you that they trust you. It’s the decade that passes in what seems like minutes. It’s staying until the last moment of consciousness. It’s the hole in your soul when the last breath is taken.
Tucker started his journey in a bad place and ended his long good run with love that was deep and profound. From him and for him.
Today was his last day here.