Here Comes the Second | Family | Maternity

We all know that the first baby in a family gets the big to-do of parties and tons of gifts and everything is new and super special.  The second baby . . . often not so much.  But this boy, Jordan, who is making his appearance anytime in the next few weeks; he’s a second born to a family that absolutely wants to make him feel like he’s the most loved boy ever!  His Mom wanted to have photos made to someday show him how, even though he will 100% be living with the BIG personality that is his big sister, he is so wanted and so loved.  I can’t wait to meet the little guy!

Oh, and I made Mom take a minute to feel like the gorgeous queen she is.  Tossed her in a bright red gown and made her stand in 18° weather for an entire 6 minutes!  I love it when people trust me enough to do things!  Because just look at her!  Radiant!!