James & Diane | 50 Years

It was 1969,  the Pontiac Firebird Trans Am and the Big Wheel Tricycle were introduced, Woodstock attracts more than 350,000 rock-n-roll fans and The Beatles Abbey Road was released, the last episode of the original Star Trek aired on NBC and the first Scooby Doo debuted on Saturday morning cartoons, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to set foot on the Moon; PBS, the Internet, and Monty Python came to exist, and James made Diane his wife.

That makes 50 years on all of these things.  Things that define a people, a culture, a time in history, and most of all the thing that created a family.  James and Diane have had a wonderful 50 years together.  They made children, who have now made their own.  They all got together to celebrate 50 years of love and good life.