Jenna & TJ | Wedding

You may have noticed by now that dog people are my people.  When I first spoke with Jenna and TJ and found out they are Dachshund owners, I knew these were my people and we were going to create a fabulous wedding day.  I knew this because, as a fellow “ween” owner, I know that the long and low dog owner is not just a different kind of person, it’s a lifestyle.  These are people that live a big life, with big personality, in a compact package.  They love fully.  They are playful.  They are always up for a good time.  And they are extremely loyal.  Which, in turn, are exactly the elements that make for a great marriage.  It was an absolute pleasure being a part of their wedding day and seeing all of those things between Jenna, TJ, their friends and family.  They love big.  They laugh.  They play.  It all showed through in the tears at a first look with Jenna’s Dad, the words they gave each other at the alter, and level of fun they had on the dance floor.