John & Grace | Surprise Engagement

It was 87 degrees out and I had 2 boxes equivalating to about 6 gallons of freeze dried red rose petals to lay on the beach in Glen Arbor in a heart pattern.  The heart came out beautifully according to the onlookers from the top balcony of the hotel above.  I waited until John and Grace came walking up the road.  Grace was confused as to why they were going to the beach and not just in to their dinner reservations . . . until she saw it.  Her steps slowed and time stood still as John fished the ring box out of his shirt pocket.  The box was just a little too big for the pocket so he had to fight for it.  Grace stood there in shock as she realized what was happening.  And then were the tears and big smiles and yeses and more yeses.  It all went just as planned.  What a fun evening!