Bob & Kelsey | She Said YES!

It was 24 degrees out the day after Valentine’s at the lookout on the top of Alligator Hill in Glen Arbor, where Bob had a plan.  He’d been putting things in the works since New Years.  He had asked Kelsey’s Dad for permission and checked the ring in it’s hiding place multiple times before their winter weekend trip up to their favorite vacation area.  They had been dating for two and a half years and he knew now was the time to ask Kelsey to be his wife. 

We got there early as I knew the 15 minute hike could easily double in time with snow on the ground.  We made the 1.3 mile hike and waited at the lookout.  A while later these two happy souls came around the corner.  They came up to the edge of the beautiful view and waited a bit.  As Bob struggled to pull the ring box out of it’s location in his jacket pocket, Kelsey’s eyes went wide and she knew what was coming.  Then came some tears and a smile so bright it blew off the winter grey.  YES! was the answer!