Lindsay & Eric | Anniversary

What is the biggest thing you learned in the first year of marriage?  For these two it was that they could survive quarantine together.  And actually like the time together!  Which is amazing.  This week marked their first anniversary and they decided, since they have time (like so many of us not working to our full normalness) and the dress still fits, to have some more wedding images made. 

This was the first time I’d met Lindsay and Eric as I did not cover their full event and they are wonderful, even minded, and fun in-love people.  When I’d heard from Lindsay and she had expressed wanting to do this, I was a little apprehensive.  They had lovely photos from their day.  There were just a few things missing that she’d wanted.  When she expressed that she wanted to remedy the things she was missing in a graceful manner, I knew that I really wanted to work with them to make them happy.  To find yourself in a position of not 100% satisfaction, yet find a way through that with grace, get what you wanted, and move on is very much something missing in the world today.  To not fight about it, just fix it and go on with your life.  I hope we can all learn something from these two.

Oh yeah, can you even tell that bouquet is a plastic copy of her original flowers?  I whipped it up that morning.  Not too shabby,  if you ask me.  I had to throw in a little extra to make the experience more authentic.