Maggie & Lee | 50 Years Together

50 years ago it was 1968; the Detroit Tigers won the world series, the first successful heart transplant was performed, the first Big Mac costing 49 cents went on sale, the cost of a new car was under $3000, gas was .34 a gallon, a movie ticked was under two dollars, and Maggie and Lee got married. 

He was 19 and she was 18 when they moved to Texas, where he was stationed in the service, to begin a life together.  You can see today, the love that has endured 50 years of marriage. 

Maggie expressed how her two boys were her greatest accomplishment in life.  And with those two boys, now comes two beautiful daugher-in-laws and three lovely grandchildren (and a granddog).  Lee self-proclaimed that he has a hard time smiling for photos, but when Maggie is by his side, his eyes shine and a smile appears quickly and easily.

It was my greatest pleasure spending a little time with this wonderful family!