Makayla & Johnathon

Oh the rain. . .  Makayla and Johnathon had planned and planned and rescheduled their wedding over the last 3 years more than a few times.  I really wanted the best for them after such a wait.  When I looked at the weather the week of their wedding I wished and wished and wished it to be better by their day but we ended up with rain anyhow.  So we made the most of it.  Most rain days aren’t rain all day and we are able to at least get some outdoor beauty, which we did, and that was a good thing.  But the best thing was actually the crazy torrential rain at the end of the night.  For two reasons:  1 – we were able to make some gorgeous art with light and raindrops.  2 – we got to see Makayla and Johnathon let go for the first time all day.  They danced in the rain.  They laughed.  They were together.  It was wonderful.