Michelle & Jason | Wedding

Mrs. Grewe, were you aware? 

Dad’s speech about his son stuck with me and left me with chuckles.  From what I gathered, a certain someone has been curious his whole life, for good results and for the unexpected.  Curiosity is as important in life and a marriage as humor, but curiosity can also lead to entertaining results.  Jason’s Mother may have been asked the above question more than a few times, but now it’s Michelle’s turn.  I’m certain Michelle is 100% aware that this question is now, and forever more, for her.  And I know she will find humor every single time it is asked.  I love so much that these two know exactly who each other are.  I love love, the way they choose to turn toward each other through everything that may come down the road.  I wish for them that they can continue to play and laugh and enjoy each other for a lifetime!