Morgen & Friends | Prom | May 7, 2016

Miss Morgen and her pals had me come out and shoot some photos before they went off to prom.  Oh, how I remember those days . . . I got stood up for three proms so personally I don’t understand the draw, but whatever.  I guess it is a great excuse to dress up.  We don’t have many of those options these days.  I think we should start a Formal Friday trend, where everybody comes out dressed to the nines and there is dancing and shenanigans.  Come to think of it, what do 18 year olds do these days???  Off hand, I can’t think of a single place for big kids to go hang out socially.  The mall?  Gross!  Someone should do something about that.  Aren’t there over 1000 kids that age just from TCAPS?  What DO they do?