Sara & Mark | Wedding

So often we talk about heart and love when it comes to wedding days.  Heart, pertaining to all the lovey-dovey, squishy, happily ever after, companionship stuff.  But in this case, Sara and Mark have all of that to spare and heart beyond compare.  These are two complete individuals who run toward danger, toward the sick and injured, toward problems; with 100% of their heart held out to help other people.  Together, they are a force that we should all look to for guidance and inspiration.  As individual and dynamic as they are in their professions, they are able to lean on each other and find a strength that only makes them better. 

Some things I think we all should learn from this wedding day are: include Granny in the bridal party, do a first look with dad, let your Mama hold you close for that dance, love like it’s your job, and party your face off!