Sarah & Mick | Wedding

It has been a long time since I focused on smaller weddings.  I forgot how much I love them.  Beach, rain, ticks, dirty dogs . . . none of these things matter with small weddings.  We just deal, laugh about it and carry on.  No stress.  No problem. 

In this case, I’m pretty certain that the no stress part came from Sarah and Mick.  They were relaxed, super happy to be marrying their best friend, and totally down to get sandy on the beach and run around the Port Oneida area with their fun group of lifelong friends. 

Their dog, Otis, was part of the wedding party added some good comedy to the day – – have you ever seen a Golden Retriever on the beach, who isn’t allowed to go in the water?!?!?  He was certain we were all there to play go-in-the-water and ball on the beach. 

And then there was the rain.  I have to admit, I’m a little tired of fighting rain this year.  I don’t remember such a wet year.  For Sarah and Mick, it came in quick after the ceremony, and left just as quickly.  I was prepared, though.  I had the entire case of umbrellas waiting.  Did you know photographers must be well versed in meteorology??  We are.  And we gamble with the sure hand of being over-prepared!