Sarah & Richard | Wedding

Lemonade, anyone?  Sometimes the universe gives you something different than you had planned.  I’m a firm believer that when you’re handed some lemons, you squeeze those suckers and make lemonade . . .  and then add vodka for good measure. 

Rainy wedding days are no different.  You take what you have and squeeze the most out of it by any means possible.  Wear the rain boots, commandeer a tent, use the props you bought, say “I do”, enjoy your guests,  dance your ass off, and don’t forget the picklebacks.

Despite the weather, Sarah and Richard were able to walk away as husband and wife.  They had a beautiful ceremony in the barn at Ciccone Vineyard.  They shared tears, laughter, big emotions, and the best rain day that ever could have been.  They squeezed the crap out of their lemons and it was beautiful!