She Said Yes | Proposal

I love surprise proposals!

Ben called about a week before the planned day to organize a special surprise.  He’d chose to walk the Empire Bluffs Trail and ask the big question at the top of the most amazing view.  And he was a lucky guy!  We’d had summer-like weather the week before but that changed back to normal spring weather a few days before our day.  I left the house in rain.  When I got to the trail, the sky opened up to beautiful sun.  There were tons of happy smiling people on the trail.  It was perfect!  We got to the top and waited.  I watched them come up the trail and you could feel the excitement coming from Ben.  He took his time and got down on a knee.  Mkenzie was very surprised.  “Is this real life”, she exclaimed, “is this really my life?!  YES!” 

It was all perfect.