Stella | Pets

In the wedding industry there is a passage I hear often about hands.
‘These are the hands of your best friend.
Young and strong and full of love for you.
As you promise to love each other today, tomorrow, and forever.
They work along side yours . . . cherish you through the years . . . comfort you like no other . . . hold you when in fear or grief . . . will give you strength when you need it.”
This passage is all the same when it comes to your dog’s eyes.  They fill you.  They calm you.  They confirm to you what unwavering love really looks like.  They make you whole.  We know all this to be a certain truth as a dog owner.  When we accept a dog into our lives and hearts, we do so for forever – – in sickness and in health, for as many years as we can.
But then the day comes (always too soon), when we have to face the age of our dog, or the ailment.  We are then forced to make a choice for the love of our dog.  It is the hardest thing a person has to do.  Stella’s people have found out that the time has come for them to make the hard decision.  So when Anora messaged me about coming out for some photos, of course I made room.  In a random happening of events, I ended up working with Patrick a few days after setting up plans and we talked about what is coming.  He knows that I know all too well, the events that they as a family, will have to face for Stella.  I hope that at least having some great photos of her will help bring just a touch of peace to their hearts.
Anora, Patrick, kids . . . love her for this last while.  She will always be with you.  She loves you just as much as you love her.