The LaBonte’s | Family

Over the last decade, I’ve watched all the kids in this family grow into beautiful young adults.  Every year that passes, I am struck by how amazing each and every one of them is.  Some are off to making a life for themselves and their own family, some off to school, some almost there, and some with a few more years to go.  But all of these kids are something to be proud of, and their parents most certainly are.  But how did they all get to be that way?  Marie.  How did these kids’ parents know how to raise up such great kids?  Marie.  The humor, the hugs, the praise, and all the other things that goes into creating great humans, partly comes from Marie.  So when Grandma says they are going to take photos as a family, the family shows up.  With smiles.  With humor.  With love.  And we make a giant family pyramid.